Longan Honey Iced Tea Kit


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Longan Honey Iced Tea Kit

For all the iced tea lovers out there, we've concocted the best tea combination with our Longan honey! Choose from our selection of soothing, caffeine-free herbal teas, or opt for a classic green or black tea paired with the uniquely floral tone of Longan honey!

Premium Loose Leaf Teas:

Hibiscus - Tart and tangy, almost cranberry like flavour (caffeine-free).

Jasmine Yin Hao Green Tea - Delicate and subtle flavour with a perfumed aroma.

Assam Black Tea - Full-bodied malty flavour, deeply aroma black tea.

Deluxe Tea Bag (+$4)

Peach Oolong - Aromatic, refreshing, lush and fruity.


This kit includes:

Your choice of: 430g Tapioca Pearls (includes 10 liners), Lychee Jelly (+$2), Coconut Jelly (+$2), Mango Jelly (+$2)

1 x 450g Longan Honey

10 x Deluxe Tea Bag (90g) OR 1 x 35g Loose Leaf Tea

10 x Tea Filters

1 x Reusable metal straw 

 **The glass cup in the photo is NOT included**


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