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Coconut Bubble Tea Kit


Coconut Bubble Tea Kit

This kit offers you the essentials for making bubble tea at home, makes approximately 10 servings! Instructions will include the option to make milk tea using dairy or non-dairy alternatives

Make Strawberry Colada & Pina colada with this coconut powder! Check our recipe here!



Those days of cooking pearls an hour each time you have a craving is over! Our DIY 5-minute pearls include liners, tapioca pearls, instruction, and a plastic bag to store the prepared servings.

After prepping for the 5 minute pearls you simply boil in hot water for a couple of minutes OR microwave for up to 80 seconds, then add it to your drink!

Convenient, quick, and easy! Now you can satisfy your cravings in minutes!


This kit includes:

Your choice of: 430g DIY 5 Minute Pearls, 430g Regular Tapioca Pearls (longer cooking time), Lychee Jelly (+$2), Coconut Jelly (+$2), Mango Jelly (+$2)Grass Jelly (+$2, LOCAL ONLY)

Your choice of: 360g Milk Tea Creamer, Oat Milk (+$4, LOCAL ONLY)

1 x 350g Coconut Powder

10 x Compostable Bubble Tea Straws

1 x Instruction Card

Make 10 servings of bubble tea!

**The glass cup in the photo is NOT included**

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