Meet the new cup

Introducing the first 100% RECYCLABLE cup in Canada.


☑The lining of the cup is made with NO plastic. Throw it in your paper recycling bin after you're done.

☑Eliminate the use of plastic lids and straws.

☑No environmental impact when thrown in a landfill. 

☑For Hot and Cold drinks. Save storage and cost.

The Butterfly Cup also eliminates the use for plastic lids and straws! The inner flap inside the cup help prevents splashes and spills.

This unique water-based dispersion coated barrier is fully recyclable and re-pulpable.

Kotkamills produce renewable products created from wood, a renewable raw material. One of their key brands is ISLA®, developed for the production of recyclable cups, which doesn't require to remove any plastic coating.

After use, cups made of ISLA® barrier board can be easily recycled along with normal paper and board waste.

Usage: For hot and cold drinks.

Size available : 8oz,12oz, 22oz