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Bubble Tea Cup with Bamboo Lid

Bubble Tea Cup with Bamboo Lid

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Reusable bubble tea cup with bamboo lid 


1 of everything: Logo-less Glass Cup, Bamboo Lid, Stainless Steel BBT Straw, Straw Brush


  • 700ml size
  • Wide mouth opening (86mm)
  • Bamboo Lid features a silicone seal that secures the cup opening
  • 304 grade stainless steel bubble tea straw (215mm length, 12mm diameter) with a slanted tip 

All parts are BPA-free. Bamboo lid is hand wash only. All other parts are dishwasher-safe. This product is not suitable for children. 

The stainless steel wide straws are perfect for sipping pearls in bubble tea and also a great size for smoothies. The slanted tip is useful to pierce the film if you forget your Cup but bring your straw on-the-go. 

Please note that every Bamboo Lid is unique and will vary slightly in colour and grain markings as bamboo is a natural material. The silicone seal is BPA-free and easy to remove for thorough cleaning. 

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