Do you offer catering?
Yes we do! Please contact us at for more information
Do you offer wholesale?
Yes we do! Contact us at for more details.
When will I receive my kit?
For local deliveries, it will take 2-5 business days to get them delivered to your door! Shipping to within North America will take approximately 2 weeks.
Where do you ship to?
We ship worldwide! Please refer to shipping cost upon checkout.

Our free local delivery only applies to Burnaby, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, North Vancouver, New West, & Richmond, with minimum purchase of $80.

Orders under $80 will require a delivery fee of $8 for these cities.

Butterfly cups are exempt from free shipping. Please contact us first for shipping details.
What happens if I missed the delivery?
Our delivery fee covers ONE delivery attempt only. If you need it re-delivered again it'll cost $4.
Does your milk tea creamer contain lactose?
No, our milk tea creamer is lactose free. It is safe for people who are lactose intolerant to consume. Please see the product details for the full list of ingredients.
Are your bubble tea kits vegan?
Our Flavoured Powder and Milk Tea Creamer are not vegan. They contain a milk derivative. Please see the product details for the full list of ingredients. However, pearls and tea leaves are vegan!
How do I store uncooked pearls?
For any uncooked pearls, place them in an airtight container. We recommend putting the pearls inside a Ziploc bag and then pushing the air out to prevent moisture from going in. Minor condensation is normal because the pearls are slightly moist. Place them somewhere dry and out of sunlight. If stored properly, uncooked pearls will last 2 months after you break the seal.
What is the shelf life of…?
Regular Pearls (uncooked)...12 months
Regular Pearls (cooked).......5 hours
5-Minute-Pearls ..................6 months in the freezer
Milk Tea Powder .................12 months, room temperature
Passion fruit Syrup..............6 months, room temperature
Black Sugar Syrup..............6 months, room temperature
Jellies................................. 2 months, room temperature
Grass Jelly...........................2 weeks in the fridge
How do I store cooked pearls?
Cooked pearls should be covered in simple syrup to ensure that they do not start sticking to one another. Keep the pearls at room temperature. Do not put them in the refrigerator, as this will harden the pearls. Consume fresh pearls within 5 hours! Otherwise, they will lose the chewy texture and become sticky and soft. It is best to cook what you can consume for the day, to ensure freshness and quality.
Why are my pearls too soft or too hard?
Pearls may be too soft if they have been overcooked. Also, cooked pearls should not be kept for more than 5 hours. After this, they may become very sticky and too soft.

In the opposite case, pearls may be too hard if they are undercooked. Do not refrigerate cooked pearls, as they will become too hard.

Icy drinks like slushies (ice-blended drinks) also have the potential to harden the pearls. One can avoid this by serving the tapioca pearls on top of the slushie.
My milk tea is too bland, how can I prevent that?
1)Steep tea for more than 10 minutes. If you decide to steep the tea for over 15 minutes, ensure that the tea is still hot enough to dissolve the Milk Tea Powder, otherwise the powder will clump! We recommend that you melt the Milk Tea Powder in a separate bowl with a small amount of hot water (as little water as possible), then mix it into your tea.

2)Ensure the tea cools down before pouring it over ice. This step helps to prevent the ice from melting too quickly and prematurely diluting the drink. Adding less ice can also prevent the tea from becoming too dilute.

3)Are you adding enough sugar, syrup, or honey? Sugar makes a huge difference! Do not skimp out on sugar!
How do I store the passionfruit or black sugar syrups?
Store the syrups in room temperature in an air-tight container. Do not put them in the fridge, as the syrups may crystallize over time. The syrups have a shelf life of 6 months.