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Shanghai Fog Microground

Enjoy a blend of organic Madagascar Vanilla beans and Jasmine Yin Hao tea for a creamy, irresistible treat! No flavourings or sugar added.

To minimize wait time from loose leaf teas, this tea powder dissolves effortlessly in hot water or hot milk to create the perfect latte in just seconds! 

Our Micro-milled stir-in tea lattes are grounded every 2 weeks in Vancouver to ensure freshness. 

For a 12oz portion, we suggest dissolving 3g of the powder into 2-3oz of hot water. Mix thoroughly before pouring hot steamed milk on top, for a delicious latte. Use this in tea lattes or baked goods!

50g per pouch, will yield 15 servings.

Ingredients: Jasmine Yin Hao, Madagascar Vanilla Beans

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