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Less Waste, More Boba😍

SLEEK AND ECO-FRIENDLY - Throw away less bubble tea cup with this reusable tumbler.
KEEP DRINKS COLD AND HOT - This tumbler's double wall insulation helps you keep your beverage the temperature it's meant to be at. Drink your smoothies, coffee, juice, milkshake and bubble tea at their ideal temperature.


Sharing Teaspoons
of Joy!

No matter where you are in the world, tea brings people together. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to become your own boba-rista at home! Our easy-to-follow tea kits are simple to master and fun to make. Invite your family and friends over and enjoy the tea-making process before sitting down to enjoy a delectable drink together.


Doris E.

Easier than I thought to make homemade bbt! Enjoyed using this kit and making my own bubble tea, which was a lot easier than I initially thought. Would definitely consider ordering again and trying the other flavours and tea varieties.

Sonya L.

Delicious and vibrant! The matcha powder was a beautiful bright green and tasted as delicious as it looked. Mixed it with oat milk and the result was a cold creamy drink that was perfect for hot days.

Anna Y.

We love this product. It is so convenient for the family to quickly put together a drink. The portion size is reasonable. Texture is always just what a pearl should be, chewy and a little bit soft.

Become a Boba Connoisseur!