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Taro Bubble Tea Kit

Sale price$25.90

The powder boasts a bright purple color, a sweet and nutty vanilla flavor, and an irresistibly creamy texture. This versatile powder can be served in iced, blended, or hot beverages! It's also a great addition to smoothies, slushies and other specialty beverages. It can even be mixed into frozen yogurt to add a hint of rich flavor. Its simple preparation makes it easy to add to virtually any beverage. 

This classic kit offers you the essentials for making bubble tea at home! One kit makes 10 servings! Full instructions will be on the back of each package. Instructions will include option to use dairy or non-dairy. 

 Your choice of: 430g Tapioca Pearls (includes 8 liners), Lychee Jelly (+$2), Coconut Jelly (+$2), Mango Jelly (+$2)

1 x 350g Taro powder

1 x Reusable metal straw

8 x Foil liners (for freezing leftover tapioca pearls)


1 x 180g Creamer (+$2)

**The glass cup in the photo is NOT included**

Taro Bubble Tea Kit
Taro Bubble Tea Kit Sale price$25.90