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Bubble Tea Kit 101


Bubble Tea Kit 101

Bubble Tea Kit 101 offers you the essentials for making bubble tea at home! This kit makes approximately 10 servings! Full instructions will be on the back of each package. Instructions will include options for using dairy or non-dairy alternatives. It's the foolproof care package to send to a friend or enjoy it yourself!

Select from the following:

Black Tea
Lychee Black Tea - Pleasantly sweet floral tones. When brewed, this tea has a reddish-brown hue and a subtle fruity flavour.

Earl Grey - Simultaneously lemony and malty. The lemon notes come from the use of Bergamot extract and generously compliment this smooth-tasting tea.

Assam - Full-bodied malty flavour. This classic black tea is commonly used by tea shops as a traditional milk tea base.

Classic Chai - Robustly-flavoured, creamy and spiced.

French Vanilla - Black tea with light vanilla tones.

Thai Tea - Naturally rich and creamy flavour.

Green Tea
Jasmine Yin Hao Green Tea - Delicate and subtle flavour profile with notes of sweet floral. A fresh finish and a perfumed aroma.

Non-Caffeinated Tea
Rooibos - Smooth, naturally sweet and mildly nutty. When brewed for longer, Rooibos is full-bodied and rich.


This kit includes:

1 x 430g Tapioca pearls OR 5 minute pearls (+$3 LOCAL ONLY), lychee jelly (+$2), coconut jelly (+$2), mango jelly (+$2), grass jelly (+$2, LOCAL ONLY)

1 x360g milk Tea creamer OR 1 x Oat milk (+$4) LOCAL ONLY

1 x 35g Loose leaf tea

10 x Compostable bubble tea straws

1 x Instruction leaflet

**The glass cup in the photo is NOT included**

5 minute pearls, grass jelly, and oat milk are available for LOCAL ORDERS ONLY!

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Taylor S.
Canada Canada
Good gift

Instructions were clean and you get a lot of product.

A Teaspoons & Co Customer
Hana S.
Canada Canada
Super Fun

This was such a fun way to dive into making bubble tea at home! We got the lychee black tea, which really smells like lychee! We've since started purchasing just the pearls and creating drink of our own, such as london fog, mango smoothie, strawberry oat, etc.

Salome L.
Canada Canada
BTK 101 (Assam Tea)

I have never tried Assam tea before as a bubble tea flavour, but I really enjoyed this with 75% sugar (in reference to the recommended amount in the leaflet)! It's really addictive, and delivery was very fast with a friendly delivery person; my overall experience with this bubble tea flavour and delivery service is 100%+!! I love this brand alot >3 Thank you for your service, especially during this pandemic!!

Doris E.
Canada Canada
Easier than I thought to make homemade bbt

Enjoyed using this kit and making my own bubble tea, which was a lot easier than I initially thought. Would definitely consider ordering again and trying the other flavours and tea varieties.